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We take a look at our first two years of collaborations as well as launch Berliner number six ”A Passion for Strawberry Blondes” – Weekly Update

This week Henrik came back from a festival in Norway, where he made some new contacts and chatted to some consumers who have been trying our beer. Norway is growing steadily which is good news. My time was spent illustrating our latest Berliner label and planning some fun marketing activities for the next quarter.

Richard’s been back on full speed at the brewery doing what he loves best and that is brew beer. Axel also made it ”home” after his vacation, so all in all it’s in full swing. Fresh cans of Single Hop Mosaic IPA will be leaving the door soon, along with our low ABV beer Sockerbruket Saison.

Berliner number six is called A Passion for Strawberry Blondes

In our sixth Berliner Weisse we’ve added Passion Fruit and Strawberries. We’re launching the beer at the Brekeriet and Friends Festival today, but from the tank it was really nice. It’s going to be bottled soon and should be out in the market soon.

[blockquote text=”In our sixth Berliner we’ve added a lot of passion… fruit and strawberries. It’s as simple as that. This beer is dedicated to everyone living their life full of passion.” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

The illustration was created by our brand manager Darryl de Necker.

Collaborations are an integral part of our brewing philosophy.

All of our beers have a number. It’s how we keep track of the Beer library we’re creating. Our first collaboration started with #022, but our first collaboration with another brewery started at #23.

#022 Röda Sten Ruby Pale Ale with The Red Lion


The Red Lion is a pub down the road from the brewery. It was one of the the places where we devised our plans for starting Beerbliotek. It is still the place where we go to meet up if we’d like to discuss the brewery whilst having a pint.

The name Röda Sten, which translates Red Stone is from the reddish stone on the side of the river just down the road from our Sockerbruket Brewery.

#023 Mosaic is the new Black with All in Brewing


Since the start the guys and girls at All in Brewing have been close friends of ours. That’s why we thought it just right that we brew our first collaboration with them.

In this beer our ambition was to make a black, yet easy drinking, Pale Ale with subtle roasted notes and an aromatic hop profile. We used American Mosaic and Chinook hops, which adds notes of blood orange, passion fruit and a hint of resinous spice.

#024 Rabarberpappa & #031 Woopdidoo with The Rover


Little did we know that Niklas and Gary, the owners of The Rover and Ölrepubliken would become our business partners when we brewed these two beers. They’ve both been fans of ours since we started, as much as we have been fans of there’s. And just like that one thing led to another 🙂

Rabarberpappa is a Pale Ale where we added Rhubarb, hence the Swedish name from Rabarber. Woopdidoo is a ridiculously hopped Lager. There’s been a rumour that ”someone” may have added hops in the wrong fermentation tank, but we cannot confirm, nor deny that rumour.

#040 The Good Doctor with Dr.Denim


When I moved to Sweden, I started a blog about denim. It just so happens to be a pair of Dr.Denim jeans I bought to test for my blog. Long story short, that was 8 years ago, and the guys from Dr.Denim feel more like family than friends.

This Pale Ale was brewed for them as part of their marketing strategy. We’re also fortunate to receive some denim clothing from time to time, which is always appreciated. They’re a great bunch, with awesome clothing.

[blockquote text=”If it is a matter of life and Denim, then just maybe this fruity Pale Ale is what the good doctor ordered?” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

#041 Triple IPA with Dugges


We’ve done a few collaborations with our friends at Dugges. This was our first one, and it’s what we call a ”Big beer”. 12%. We launched it at BrewDog Bar in Stockholm, and it was gorgeous. Always a challenge to hide the alcohol in such a high alcohol beer, but in blind tastings, most guessed between 8-9%.

The label was also a mix of our brand and Dugges’s previous illustration style.

[blockquote text=”Powerfull aromas of strawberries, mango and bitter orange. Sweet and warming with a smooth resinous bitter bite.” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

#042 Red Ale with Mankerbeer


Our collaboration with Mankerbeer was launched at their birthday party in Stockholm. Feels like a lifetime ago. It was our first Red Ale, and from what I remember it had a fantastic head, and aroma. Not a style we’ve brewed often since then, but one that surprised a few people.

[blockquote text=”A low bitterness, tropical fruits and malt sweetness, ending in a dry finish and Motueka hops to top it all off.” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

#043 I Lönndom with Söder om Småland


Söder om Småland, translated south of Småland, is a pub in the Malmö, south in Sweden. Småland however is north in Sweden. So everything is basically south of Småland. They’ve been buying beer from us for a very long time indeed. They’re our biggest fans in south Sweden, and good friends.

This was our first collaboration with them, but has not been the last. ”I Lönndom” basically means ”in secret”. Since then we have brewed what they would call their house beer, ”Tap 3”.

#046 Man in the Moon with Man in the Moon



This was our first collaboration with the Stockholm pub Man in the Moon. It was brewed for their 20th anniversary. A few breweries brewed collaborations for them for that day. It was a big party. Don’t remember much 😉

#050 Ales in Wineyland with All in Brewing


Our second collab with All in Brewing was a high alcohol affair. A strong Ale slash Barley Wine called ”Ales in Wineland”. It’s one that we’ve experimented with the most. We did a Bourbon barrel aged version as well in bottles.

There’s a few bottles lying around somewhere I think 🙂 We’ve also had a few version in different casks. French oak, Swedish oak, with orange peel, etc. Was a great tasting with them and our member’s club I recall.

#054 Gothenholm & #055 Stockborg with Brewdog bar Gothenburg & Stockholm


Magnus Svensson from Brewdog is a great friend at the brewery, and we did these collaborations for the 1st anniversary of the Gothenburg Brewdog pub, and the 2nd anniversary of the Stockholm Brewdog pub.

What we did was brew a batch of Pale Ale. We then split the batch in half, and dry hopped them separately. So the same beer, but different. The names Gothenholm and Stockborg is a mix of the two cities Gothenburg and Stockholm.

#075 Movamber Ale with The Rover


This beer was the third collaboration with Niklas at The Rover. Whenever we do something with them, it has to be a little crazy. This was an Amber Ale which started out as Movember Amber Ale. But no one saw the real name in front of our eyes. Movamber Ale. So now it’s called that, and we try and brew it every year for Movember.

#082 Pocket Rocket with Croocked Moon


Talking of crazy, here we have it. It was our first and last collaboration with Croocked Moon, because things have changed. Dry and Bitter is what the brewery is now called, and already we’ve done another collaboration with them called ”Pissed Volunteers”. Like I said, crazy is what crazy does.

#083 Night & Day plus #084 Day & Night with Flying Couch

Another cross border collaboration was these two beers called Night & Day, a black IPA on 8,0% and Day & Night, a Double IPA on 8,5%, brewed with the Danish brewery Flying Couch. The idea was to brew one with them, then the other with us. A true cross border collaboration.

#085 BeerЯepubliken with Ölrepubliken


The last collaboration in our first two years was this Pale Ale for Gary at Ölrepubliken. This beer actually became one of their house beers, so we have pretty much brewed it over and over for them since then. The label has also changed from the original bridge label, to the new brand profile and colours.

More collaboration history to come next week


Next week, I’ll show the rest of our collaborations up until today. We’ve been busy.

The collaborations we had at the Gothenburg Beer and Whisky Festival 2015.

The illustration was created by Nick Dwyer from Beavertown.

Our Brekeriet/Beavertown/Beerbliotek collaboration Lovechild is currently on tap at the Brekeriet Beer Festival, along with A Passion for Strawberry Blondes and Eternal Darkness.

That’s it from me for this week, next week we’ll do the second half of our collaborations, along with some more new beer news for the raters out there 😉


Keep well.


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Brekeriet Bar with friends – 13 August 2016

Join us as we head down to Malmö for the ”Brekeriet Bar with friends”. They have invited 11 friends to join them behind the bar and we just happen to be one of their friends.

The other breweries that will join us are Malmö Brewing Co, BrewDog, Remmarlöv Gårdsbryggeri, Hyllie Bryggeri, Constant Companion, Brewski, Alefarm Brewing, Stockholm Brewing Co., Dry & Bitter Brewing Company and Charlis Brygghus.

Each brewery/importer will be represented with two beers and a staff member working the bar. This year Darryl and his fiance will be pouring the beer, so come and say hi.

For more information on the festival and getting hold of your tickets, have a look at their website.

All in Beer Festival 4-5 November 2016

One of our favourite festivals is the All In Beer Fest. The reason? It’s just about beer.

We’ll be attending again this year, but if you’d like to attend, then there’s two ways to go about it. Buy a ticket, or enter our #FreshestCanInTheLand competition, where you stand the chance to win two entrance tickets.

Finding our beers in Sweden


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