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#324 Stocking filler


A deep, dark, warming Lager for winter. Brewed on Lager, Crystal, Chocolate and Black malt and seasoned with fresh aromatic hops. The result is roasted, chocolate and coffee flavours, balanced with citrus and pine.

#319 Finns i sjön


This opaque black low ABV Porter delivers taste hints of coffee, leather, tobacco and bittersweet chocolate with an added layer of nuts, spice and fennel stalks in the aroma. With a low to medium carbonation and a slick mouthfeel, very easy to drink with just the right amount of complexity in the flavours.

#308 Sweet smelly trees

Imperial Stout

If a smelly tree falls in the forest and no one is there to smell it, does it still have a smell? We love smelly trees at beerbliotek.com

#307 Waiting for the tide to come in

Honey Baltic Porter

This Scandic Baltic Porter maintains the strong influences from our neighbours, East and West. A beer style that has always moved with the tides. Follow the tide in to beerbliotek.com

#300 We don’t count sequentially

Freeze-distilled Wheat Wine

Even after 300 individual recipes, the brew team remains focussed on experimentation. This freeze-distilled Wheat Wine is a first for us. We number our beers at beerbliotek.com

#293 The trash-filled streets made me wish we were headed home

Brown Ale

Naming Brown Ales isn’t easy. Too tempting to use puns. But in the end the words aren’t important. So ignore the trash and head on home. No trash at beerbliotek.com

#290 Follow me into the dark


A calm settles over the forest at night. But in the shadows something calls. Beckoning. Go off exploring, into the dark. Find your way to beerbliotek.com

#286 Alone in a field of plenty

Dark Wheat Wine

Bound by invisible fences, the fields we have sewn stand empty. For those that harvest are alone, surrounded by their fields of plenty.

#277 What’s the story, morgon glory?

Oat Stout with Tarrazu Coffee

One of the most important ingredients in making Craft Beer is great coffee. Thanks to our friends at Morgon Coffee Roasters for making our early mornings better, and for the coffee in this beer.

#270 Cookie

Imperial Stout

This Stout is named after Cookie, one of our two brewery dogs, who sadly is no longer with us. Her demanding cuddles & friendly yelps will be missed. We love dogs at beerbliotek.com

#247 Woodn’t it be nice?

Whiskey Barrel Aged Wee Heavy

Released in Feb 2019, this Wee Heavy was allowed to mature and mellow at ambient temperatures, until it presented the harmony of flavours we were looking for.

#233 Wood I lie to you

Barrel Aged Barley Wine

This Barley Wine has been aged in Oak Barrels for six months, then blended with a fresh batch to achieve the refined flavours our brew team was looking for. We then dedicated it to one of our favourite songs from 90s.

#220 Shakes fist angrily

Cascadian Dark Ale with Orange Peel

We’re honoured being invited as a brewery to Borefts 2018, where we’ve been many times before. Its the festival that set the dream of starting our brewery.

#218 If I could I surely wood

Rum Barrel Aged Stout

At Beerbliotek we like to explore with new flavours, new styles and new ingredients. When we were offered two Rum barrels, how could we say no. This blend, of two of our Stouts, has been aged in Rum barrels for 6 months. There’s more barrels at beerbliotek.com

#183 The Oat Wine Continuum

Oat wine

In Beer, Oat Wine is any brew model that combines Malt, Oats and Hops into a single interwoven continuum, strong enough to pull at the fabric of the very beer itself. Get intergalactic with us at beerbliotek.com

#128 Eternal Darkness BA

Imperial Stout

The winter nights in Sweden may be long, dark and cold, but we’ve aged this beer in barrels for even longer, to keep you company through those nights of eternal darkness.

#126 Eternal Darkness

Imperial Stout

The winter nights in Sweden are long, dark and cold. This beer has been brewed to keep you company through those hours of eternal darkness. Find more dark beers at beerbliotek.com