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This week we’re at the Växjö Beer Festival plus tips on finding our low ABV beers (Folköl) at ICA, Hemköp or your local Supermarket – Weekly Update

This weekend we’re following up our visit to the Malmö Beer and Whisky Festival, with a visit to the Växjö Beer Festival. It’s the second year in a row we will be attending, and we’re looking forward to meeting everyone. Hope to see you there.

The beers we’ve packed are:

Hip Hops

Bobek Citra

Single Hop Mosaic

Eternal Darkness

Golden Sour – Our collaboration with Stockholm Brewing Co.

Black IPA


In the past week we added two more events during the Gothenburg Beer Week. The first is another Beer Makers event, Vegetarian Beer Makers Brunch in collaboration with our friends at Tapasbaren in Gothenburg. First come first served. The second event is one more meet the brewer event and tap extension with our friends at The Red Lion in Gothenburg, called Meet the brewer at the Lion. This one is an open event so everyone is welcome.

Tickets for the Ska Party has also gone on sale this week, so don’t miss it. Read more about all the events below.

If you’re keen to get your hands on some low ABV (Alcohol by Volume) beers, then have a look at the map below, to see where you can get our beers at a Supermarket close to you.

Have a good weekend, and hope we see you at Växjö Beer Festival today.

Looking for low alcohol beers? Or as we say in Sweden Folköl.

Session IPA

3,5% – Cascade & Wakatu hops

We mash this low ABV beer warmer than usual to retain the malt backbone. We then hop it with loads of Citra and Motueka to give aroma and flavour to a beer you can enjoy all day. View ratings on Ratebeer or Untappd.

Sockerbruket Saison

3,5% – Farmhouse Style Saison

We ferment this Saison at a high temperature to get a nice spice from the yeast. We then accentuate it with a small dryhop of Chinook hops from America for a gentle spice and refreshing citrus tones. View ratings on Ratebeer or Untappd.

On the map below are all the Stores & Supermarkets, including ICA & Hemköp that already stock our “folköl”?

See if there’s space where you live or your local store is located, and if your store has a pin, then you’re in luck. If your store is not visible, then send them this link (, so that they can get in touch with us. This could mean you may soon have Beerbliotek in your local store.

Upcoming Events

Beerbliotek and SKA Brewing’s SKA Party!


Ska Brewing will be in town for the Gothenburg Beer Week and we took the opportunity to kidnap them for a night. Why not join us for the night at our Kungsten Brewery? There will be music, food, beer and friends, which guarantees a good time.

Get more information on the Event’s page on our website.

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Vegetarian Beer Makers Brunch.


Join us for a Vegetarian Beer Makers brunch in collaboration with Tapasbaren? Beerbliotek’s head brewer Adam Norman will bring along some matching beers for the menu below. Don’t miss it.

Read more on the Event’s page on our website.

Meet the brewer at the Lion.


We’ve added another event during the GBG Beer Week. This time you can meet Richard, one of the co-founders, as well as one of the head brewers at Beerbliotek. He’ll be bringing five beers with him and doing a bit of a tap extension. The night also double as the official launch of ”High Roller”. A beer we’ve brewed for Cash Cow Brewing, a side project for us at Beerbliotek.

Read more on the Event’s page on Facebook.

Vegetarian Beer Makers Dinner.



A five course vegetarian dinner prepared by the one and only Styrbjörn Såtvik at Björns Bar, whilst the matching beer for each course has been chosen by Beerbliotek’s head brewer Adam Norman.

Read more on the Event’s page on our website.

Haket Beer Festival 2016.



This event is fully booked, but for those with tickets, we’re looking forward to meeting you all, along with the other 20 breweries that will be there for the day.

Get more information here.


As we’re moving into summer here in Sweden or the northern hemisphere to be more exact, we’re expecting cans to be great travel companions, great in a park or great on a boat. Why not tag your photos with #BeerbliotekCans, so we can follow your can beer drinking summer vacation.

On Instagram triplealehead has showed what he’s up to with our cans.

Upcoming Festivals

Kalmar Beer Festival on the 6th – 7th May

Kalmar Beer Festival is also on our list for festivals this year, so we hope we see you there.

For more information on the festival and getting hold of your tickets, have a look at their website.

Copenhagen Beer Celebration 13-14 May 2016

We’re happy to announce that we have been invited to this year’s Copenhagen Beer Celebration, held on the 13th and 14th of May. The beers we’re taking with us are still in the works and they will be announced closer to the time. So watch this space.

For more information, follow CBC on Facebook, or get hold of your tickets here, as there’s still some available for some sessions, then we’ll see you in Copenhagen.

Finding all our beers at Systembolaget.

On our website, you can have a look at a map, where we feature the stores that will have our beers on their shelves. If you live in other parts of Sweden, then you can follow this link to order the beers directly from

You can also follow us on Instagram