This past week we package our first Barrel Aged Beer for 2018, amongst others.

This past week we packaged our first Barrel Aged Beer for 2018, amongst the other collaborations that we’re drinking, packaging and fermenting.

If I could, I surely wood.

Our first barrel aged beer for 2018 is packaged.

Since the start, we were always going to add barrel aged beers to our assortment. Our first beer was number fifty, a Strong Ale collaboration with All in Brewing. Since then we’ve done various barrel aged collaborations and in 2018 we started taking it up a level.

Currently we have around 50 barrels in our brewery. We’ve got Rum barrels, Whiskey barrels, wine barrels and Cognac barrels. In the we have Stout and Barley Wine.

Last week we packaged the first one for 2018, and also our first Rum barrel aged beer. It is made up of two of our Stouts, and aged for 6 months. We packed the bulk of it in kegs, which always follows us to festivals. There’s a limited quantity in cans, which is reserved for our member’s club.

The label design is also a new version, exclusively for barrel aged beers. We use the actual texture of the barrel in the design, so each label should be different.

Hello Switzerland.

Adam & Darryl is heading your way.

This coming weekend both Darryl & Adam will be heading to Switzerland. We’re starting with a Tap Takeover at Alehouse in Zurich, then we head south to Lausanne for the Lausanne Beer Celebration. There’s even a collaboration with our friends at La nébuleuse in the works, so it’s promising to be a busy weekend.

We hope to meet as many new people as we can, because since we started shipping beer to Switzerland, we’ve received some really positive feedback.


One of the biggest races in the world.

Each year around the start of summer Gothenburg has its Half Marathon, or as we call it, the Göteborgsvarvet. It is organized by Gothenburg Athletic Association which supports track and field activities in the region. More than 50 track and field clubs and about 4,000 volunteers are involved in the event.

There’s been over one million registrations since the first race in 1980. It’s one of the largest races in the world, number two behind New York if you count the number of runners that finish the race. The race also attracts runners from, not only Sweden, but all over the world.

The blue race line actually runs past very close to the brewery, and Niklas, one of our owners, was the only one from Beerbliotek who ran the race, and actually finished. There’s no excuses from the rest of us, we’re terrible people. Congratulations Nikky.


Our Spanish collaborations are both at our Brewery Tap Room this weekend.

Late last week we got in a shipment of beer from our Spanish friends from Naparbier. It’s the IPA we brewed at their brewery in Pamplona. It’s a very clean, very hoppy IPA. Perfect for summer and sunny weather, and it’s called ”Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before”. We’ve just heard that it may even go to the Swedish monopoly in limited quantities.

This weekend you will have the opportunity to try it side-by-side with our second collaboration with them, which we brewed at our brewery, here in Gothenburg. It’s a Farmhouse IPA called ”Hacerse el Sueco”.


Our 2nd Whiplash collaboration has just been packaged.

You can’t undrink the things you’ve drunk. It’s as simple as that. This Berliner Weisse has just been packaged, and it tastes a treat. The Potato and Spruce Tips work really well with the sourness of the beer.

It’ll be released at our Brewery Tap Room in about two weeks, but more on that later.


Our L’Ermitage collaboration is nearing it’s end in the tank.

Our collaboration with our French sounding friends from L’Ermitage is called Strapontin. Just Google it, if you don’t know what the word means. It came about after a lot of beers, a lot of laughs, and a lot of French sounding english words.

It’s still in the tank and this week we added some coffee to it. It’s a Raspberry & Coffee Berliner Weisse. So expect it to be dark, black even. We should package it in a week or so.

Thank You Sweden.

We’re happy for all the support at Systembolaget.

Our strategy to get more beer into the hands of the Swedish public, has been to release more beers at the Swedish Monopoly. If you don’t know this, Systembolaget as it is called, is the only bottle shop that is allowed to sell beer over 3,5% to the Swedish public.

With that, we aim to launch one beer at Systembolaget every two months, which means 2 beers so far in 2018. In July we will add our Melon Witbier, Göteborgswits, which we brewed in collaboration with Odd Island Brewing, to our range at Systembolaget. In February we released 10,000 cans of Black Ale Chilli and in May Anagram joined the assortment.

We just want to say thank you to all the Swedes that have bought our beers and continue to support us. A Moment of Clarity, Sweden’s highest rated Session IPA, continues to go from strength to strength, as we gain more stores and spread our brand across Sweden.

There’s a few more in the works for the rest of the year, especially a certain Imperial Stout which will make a comeback.

And in other news.

What to Pack for a Trip to Gothenburg, Sweden.

James Silverman for The New York Times

”The lively jazz and art scene, public parks, pools and local breweries make Gothenburg a worthwhile destination for anyone visiting Sweden. We have tips to explore the city in our local guide. But what, beyond the basics, should you pack for a trip?”

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And finally.

Our Brewery Tap Room is open three days in a row.

To finish off this week’s update, our Brewery Tap Room is open three days this weekend, for the Big Weekend Beer Release & Megaloppis. We included Sunday, because of the large yard sale that is on in our neighbourhood of Majorna.

We’ll be opening the doors to our Brewery Tap Room on Friday 17-21, Saturday 14-19 and Sunday 12-17. There is always ten beers available, but this time you can also taste both collaborations with our Spanish friends Naparbier. Come by and say hi.



Until next time.


Get hold of our beers.


Visit our Systembolaget page, to see the entire range. All of them can be bought can buy in-store at certain stores, or you can order them to your closest store via

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Folköl (Low ABV Beers)

On our Folköl page you can see our entire assortment, as well as the Stores & Supermarkets, such as ICA & Hemköp that stock them across Sweden. At our Tap Room you can buy them directly from us.

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