This week we walked down the road from our brewery to catch up with the wonderful people at Tapasbaren.

We sat down at our favourite corner table in their new enclosed outdoor seating area, taking in the warm and calm ambience with a view through the windows onto the charming streets of Majorna. We asked how things are going, what Tapasbaren is to them and what it means to us, and looked over our friendship together.

Being within walking distance from each other, Beerbliotek and Tapasbaren have a long history together. It is one of the quieter places we go to with a calm setting, despite that, people come from all over Gothenburg to go here.

Throughout the years it has always been run by friends of ours and became our go-to place for good quality food, especially vegetarian, and a comfortable space and of course, their wine list. They have been a part of us since we started the brewery. We go there all together or separately with our partners. It’s a good spot to chill alone with a glass of wine on your way home, too. They know what we like and always surprise us with a new wine for us to try. They always get it right.

The candles are lit, heaters are on, it feels cosy and relaxed. Everything is ready for opening. Three members of staff are sitting together upstairs, eating their dinner together before the doors open to the public. We joined them to ask how things are, what Tapasbaren is to us and them, and look over our friendship together.

Bea and Ida together are the Restaurant Managers of Tapasbaren. Bea manages the beverage side of things whilst Ida covers all the bookings, meetings and staff. The two discovered Beerbliotek around 3 years ago when they started working at Tapasbaren.

What is Tapasbaren in your own words? How would you describe it to someone who has never been?

IdaTapasbaren has always been something beyond a restaurant. We always remember our guests and know something about them. Before I started working here, I had a strong feeling that it is a place where it feels like you are coming home. Which is what our guests say, and for us that is the best compliment we could get.

Our aim is for people to feel welcome. Our service is relaxed so that our guests feel comfortable making their own choices. We are always happy to guide, but we don’t mind what wine they choose, or if they don’t know anything about wine. We’re just happy to guide them! It doesn’t need to feel prestigious or complicated, you either like the wine or you don’t. As long as you enjoy your time here, that is all that matters. 
Bea I agree!

So Bea, how do you curate the wine list?

Bea You are always going to find good wine with food here. We take in a lot of natural wines sourced from a wide range of wine districts from all over the world. We are quite classic in our choice. I select good producers from well known areas to ensure good quality, then I choose the  wines. 

We have a house beer together, Tapasbaren IPA, do you have any other beers?

Bea We try to have all styles of Beerbliotek beers. From sours, to IPAs to your Cascadian Dark Ale. The customers who come here for wine are always pleasantly surprised with the beer.

I see Christian the Chef is hard at work and really busy, so can you tell us about your food menu?

It’s Spanish Tapas with a Scandanavian twist.

Christian and our Chefs don’t have limits when creating the dishes so although we only work with local, Scandanavian produce, you can still find different flavours on the Menu. Right now you can find Asian and South African spices on the Menu.

It’s all based on seasonal produce and what is available from the closest farmer. Then it is about what our chefs can do with it, without any limitations, so the menu is always changing. This is important to us and  fundamental to who we are.

How are things going though the pandemic? How has Tapasbaren changed in response to Covid?

We’ve made adjustments and restrictions to keep our staff and guests safe. Less tables, more distance and no crowded bar, so only  seated serving . Our extended enclosed outdoor seating area has helped create more open space. It’s hard to know how things are going to turn out or change, so we always follow the recommended guidelines.

Thanks for the catch up! Anything else to mention?

Ida We are very, very happy with our friendship with Beerbliotek. It is fantastic being able to say that we have collaborated with one of the best breweries in Gothenburg. When our customers drink your beer, it is great to say it’s local and just up the road from us, you can’t get fresher beer than that! 

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Some photos of Beerbliotek at Tapasbaren through the years.