Support your local Bars: 2112

Help us strengthen the beer culture in Sweden, by actively supporting the restaurants and taverns that actively support Swedish craft breweries.

If you want burgers, beer and rock, you’ve got it.


People from all over the world travel to Gothenburg to visit Restaurant 2112. A burger and beer bar with a focus on music, started by Björn Gelotte from In Flames and Peter Iwers, who previously played in the band. 

Restaurant 2112, if you haven’t already guessed it, is named as a tribute to the ‘2112’ album by Rush. Inside you’ll find a relaxed environment with all kinds of Rock n Roll, grunge and metal on the speakers, with lots of music memorabilia hanging on the walls.

Before this strange time, 2112 was the place to be before and after concerts. Although they cannot host any events right now, Tobbe Larsson, Restaurant Manager, hopes to spread some “positivity around the time of cancelled concerts by creating themed nights.”

This venue is all about quality and service. Their focus is to always have a great beer selection and high quality burgers. (If you haven’t tried their burgers yet, it’s a must, trust me). You can start in the restaurant and continue in the pub, or vice versa.

5 constantly rotating guest taps are dedicated to Gothenburg beer, plus two house beers by Swedish brewery Odd Island Brewing , ‘Tempale of Syrinx’ and Tobbe’s current favourite, ‘Flagranti’. For now they are buying only local beer.

If Street Food is more of your thing, they have that too. Street Food by 2112  is friendly, welcoming and fun. Music is still very important there but with a fun contrast of Hip Hop. They have a great variety of folköl from many local breweries, including our own Whoop Ass and Session IPA. It’s open for lunch Monday-Friday 11-14:30.


Throughout the years of our friendship, we’ve done events, collaborations and beer releases at Restaurant 2112 and look forward to partnership opportunities with Street Food by 2112. (some collabs: If you want IPA you’ve got it, Super Larsson Bro’s and Super Larsson World (The Red Lion & Restaurant 2112).

This is how you can support 2112 & Swedish craft breweries. 



  • It’s all happening at Heden. Don’t miss the Folköl release events at Street Food by 2112, including O/O, Stigbergets, Dugges, Odd Island & many more.
  • Takeaway food. Online here or pop by Street Food by 2112. 
  • Check our their Webshop 
  • Visit the Restaurant and grab a local beer.
  • Visit Street Food– it’s outside so the choice is yours to either sit in the sun, chill and listen to good music or free to wonder and takeaway.


Thank you for supporting local breweries and beer bars, you’re not just doing a good job, but you also contribute to the beer culture developing and becoming stronger.