Stop me if you think you heard this one before… Hacerse el Sueco – Biweekly Brewery Update.

A can packshot of Hacerse El Sueco, a Farmhouse IPA collaboration between Spanish Naparbier and Swedish Craft Brewery Beerbliotek.

This week is all about our Spanish collaborations, and Eternal Darkness in production again and now in a can.

Hacerse el Sueco.

Collaboration #2 with Naparbier is out soon.

Over the past month we’ve brewed two beers with our Spanish friends from Naparbier. The first one was brewed during a trip Richard took to Spain. That first one is an IPA, and called Stop me if you think you heard this one before. We’ll be getting some kegs across, along with some bottles, so our Swedish customers can place their orders soon.

The second collaboration we brewed while they joined us at our Kungssten Brewery. This time around we brewed a Farmhouse IPA and called it Hacerse el Sueco. It’s just been packaged so heading out the door soon.

If you don’t know where Hecerse el Sueco comes from then allow us to quote from City Life Madrid.

”The most logical explanation refers to the times when Swedish sailors docked in Spanish ports. To avoid certain inconvenient obligations and affairs, they unconcerned themselves by using the lack of Spanish language skills as an excuse to basically get out of doing something. So literally translated “hacerse el sueco“ means ‘to play Swedish’? Though the real meaning is to play dumb or to pretend not to hear/not to notice.

For those more nerdy wordsmiths, one explanation of this expression is in the origin of the word “sueco” which stems from the Latin word “soccus” (log). So, if you “play the log“ (soccus = sueco), you’re pretending not to understand/not to hear something – just like how we ‘play dumb’ so we don’t have to responsible for something.”

So now you know.

Rotterdam collaboration.

Kaapse Brouwers.

Two weeks ago we went to Rotterdam do brew with our friends from Kaapse Brouwers. We were contemplating if it was a brown ale or a red ale, but one thing is for sure, it will have fish skins in the process. It’s currently bubbling away in a tank in Rotterdam, so stay tuned, and we’ll let you know when it’s out for release.

Oh, and we called it Bertil.

Eternal Darkness

Back in production. And now in a can.

This is one of our favourite dark beers we’ve done, along with Unperial Stout, and Mocha Latte Stout. It’s been out of circulation for a while, but we’ve just packaged a new batch, and this time it’s gone into cans. About 2000 litres also went into our barrel project, but that’s for another time.

In Sweden it will go into Systembolaget over the summer, so you can save it for winter, cause this beer will keep you company through those endless nights of eternal darkness.

Shit Happens

And sometimes it’s funny.

Anyone who owns or works in a brewery will understand the associated photographs. It doesn’t happen a lot, but does happen, for sure. The most important thing in situations like these is to make sure your on the viewing end, not the receiving end.

This time around one of our brewers was trying to clean a tank of yeast from the end of an Eternal Darkness Imperial Stout packaging day. The results speak for itself, and was really funny.

If I could, I surely wood.

A new barrel aged beer is nearly ready.

We mentioned our barrel project during a post in the beginning of the year, and in the following weeks we will package the first one. It’s called If I could, I surely wood. Not saying more on it, but it will be packaged soon.

Later in the year there’s a few more heading fr release, so if you like barrel aged beer, then don’t miss these.

Time flies.

Our labels have changed as we have.

We remember when we started, how we had to hand label each beer. Moving from that to an automated labelling machine, but still slowly one at a time. To our current labelling line for our cans.

We also remember working with bottles, where we’re currently only packaging in cans.

If you want one reason for buying cans, then storage should be a big positive. Two for one compared to bottles. Which also means double the amount when shipping. Besides that, we like the weight we save when carrying it to the park or on a trip.

Hello Sweden.

Our latest Gose is at Bolaget May 2.

That’s not how anagrams work, mate.

This is our first Gose to hit the shelves of Systembolaget. We’ve had two Berliner Weisses before, with A Passion for Gingers still available.

We’ve done a similar Gose to this one before, whereas this one is a very drinkable 4,7%, our previous one, the collaboration with Russion Brewery AF Brew was 6,6%. They both had beetroot in the mix, but Anagram also has pepper and sour cherries in.

We’re doing a 10 000+ can release on at the start of May and we think they will sell out quickly, as everyone prepares for summer. Don’t miss out.

And finally.

Come and say hi at our Brewery Tap Room.

We’ll be opening the doors to our Brewery Tap Room again this weekend. Friday 17-21 and Saturday 14-19. There’ll be ten beers available to drink on site, and three low ABV (Folköl) beers to buy as takeaway. Beers coast 35kr each, or get yourself a ten-card for 320kr. Come by and say hi.



Cheers, until next time.

The Beerbliotek Team

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