Singe Hop Mosaic, Eternal Darkness and some Christmas Nights – Weekly Update

This week we have a fresh batch of Single Hop Mosaic IPA leaving the brewery. We’re also excited to let you know that early next year you’ll be able to order it in cans from Systembolaget. But more on that later.

Eternal Darkness is also still available this week, and as you may or may not know, it won the prize for the best Imperial Porter at the recent Gothenburg porter Festival. That’s another reason a new batch is in the brewing calendar, because as we all know, the Swedish winters are long, dark and cold.

Christmas Nights, our spiced Porter, is available at Systembolaget again this year. On sale tomorrow December 1. Although you can order it to your closest store in Sweden, it will be available on the shelves in the following stores in Gothenburg, Kungstorget, Linnégatan, Karl Johansgatan, Eriksberg, Nordstan, Gårda, Avenyn, Backaplan, Kappelplatsen and Olskroken.

And as always, don’t forget that our other beers are still available to order to your closest Systembolaget.

Christmas Nights
7,0% – Spiced Porter

To celebrate the festive season, we made a full bodied Porter, packed with rich spices. Merry Christmas from Beerbliotek!

Single Hop Mosaic
6,5% – IPA

Mosaic is one of our favourite Hop varieties, so we decided to show off its characters in this beer. Expect orange, marmalade and tropical fruit tones delivering a luscious IPA.

Eternal Darkness
11,0% – Imperial Stout

The winter nights in Sweden are long, dark and cold. We created this beer to keep you company through those hours of eternal darkness.