Richard Bull, who most likely either has a camera or a Pilsner in his hand.

This week we’re catching up with Richard Bull, one of the original founders of Beerbliotek who’s had a hand in most things throughout the brewery over the years. Nowadays he is guiding us through this crazy year while leading Beerbliotek towards greater things as our Managing Director. 

This New Zealander got his first taste for Craft Beer when living in Scotland where he met the other original founder of Beerbliotek, Adam. His Craft beer journey truly began after sitting next to the canal as the sun went down drinking some crazy 14% Barrel Aged Stout at Brouwerij de Molen Borefts Beer Festival in 2011, where he first thought this is what he wants to do with his life.

Yo Richard!

So, what got you into homebrewing? What led you to starting your own brewery?

Homebrewing was always a means to an end for Adam and I. We had already decided to start our own brewery so to do that we had to learn to brew.

We rented a small shower room in Göteborg Vinkällare that is run by an Aussie guy called Jason, and started brewing 2-3 times a week. A friend of ours Steven hooked us up with Evin, who owns The Kernel Brewery in London, and we went over a few times to help fill some bottles.

We always took some of our home brew with us and he would tell us what was wrong with them. We always took a decent bottle of beer as well so he could get the taste out of his mouth. One day Evin said one of our beers wasn’t terrible so we felt we were ready to invest everything we had in opening a brewery.

Has Beerbliotek’s concept always been to brew new beers all the time?

Yes. We took a lot of inspiration from breweries like The Kernel Brewery who brewed a lot of one off small batch beers based on the ingredients of the day. When we started most breweries in Gothenburg had their core range of four or five beers and then brewed some seasonal’s. We decided that every batch would be something new. It was fun but perhaps we could have learned something from trying to brew something that was repeatable.

I know your go to Beerbliotek beer is Pils Pls or it’s younger brother, Li’l Pils. What recent Beerbliotek releases have been your favourite?

I just tried Mild Mannered on cask which was pretty tasty and the Red IPA – Back to the Middle and ‘round again is really nice, so I am looking forward to having that on the Christmas table. I don’t drink a lot of high ABV beers these days but there is one, as yet unreleased Wheat Wine I am looking forward to so keep an eye out for that one when it comes.

What is the future for Craft Beer?

More of the same.

Last question, when you’re not dreaming about beer, what are you dreaming about?

I have a thing for sailing at the moment, I have never really been into sailing but I have recently developed an interest in sailing around the world. I bought a new camera as well after a few years without one and I love travel photography and landscapes so I would say the general theme is travelling and exploring.

If you’re in Sweden and also fancy our Red IPA, Back to the middle and ‘round again, you can buy it here.
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