Oskar Wallén, an ex footballer with a big heart

Oskar Wallen is Swedish Brewery Beerbliotek Sales Representative for Gothenburg

This week we’re catching up with Oskar Wallén, the newest addition to our Beerbliotek team.

He’s the new Oskar here at Beerbliotek, working together with the other Oscar as our awesome Sales Representatives. Coming from a small Swedish town not too far away called Kode, just north of Kungälv, he knows the area well and brings with him a big passion and knowledge of Swedish Craft Beer. So it’s pretty fitting that he will be looking after all of our wonderful Gothenburg customers and friends.

Before joining us Oskar worked as a Social Educator at a school just outside of Gothenburg, although we’ve known him for a while through GBG Beer Week and from his days in his first Craft Beer job working for another Swedish Brewery that you may have heard of, called Omnipollo, pulling beers at their previous Gothenburg bar. We’re lucky to have him.

So Oskar, what led you towards working in the Craft Beer industry?

I wanted to grasp a better knowledge of Craft Beer and I really enjoyed how the industry expanded in Gothenburg and in the world. Plus I really like good beer. 

Where did you hear about Beerbliotek for the first time?

I have been drinking beers from Beerbliotek since their early days, but I first got a real interest in Beerbliotek when I joined the Dog Walk that Beerbliotek arrange during The GBG Beer Week.

What is your current go-to Beerbliotek beer? 

Right now it’s Back to the middle and ‘round again, an Imperial Red IPA, but I can already tell you that Mild Mannered will be my go-to beer. I think it’s amazing. It’s Beerbliotek’s first English Mild Ale which will be released in January 2021.

What do you think is the future for Craft Beer in Sweden?

Hard to tell, I think that the Craft Beer industry here can expand even more. I think the next thing for restaurants could be to have more of a focus curating their food menu based on their selection of Craft Beer, not the other way around, to have food and beer pairings.

What do you like to do outside of work?

My girlfriend and I have a newborn at home, so we are mainly spending time with him and his older brother and our dog. I’ve converted a van into a camper van during this year, and I’m also a big football fan, sadly I support Arsenal and ÖIS, but we don’t have to talk more about that. 

Lastly, when you’re not dreaming about beer, what are you dreaming about?

I dream about being able to travel again and exploring new cities and places.

If you’re in Sweden and want to try Oskar’s current favourite Red IPA, Back to the middle and ‘round again, you can buy it here. And wherever you are in the world, you can keep a lookout on our Instagram and Facebook for our New Beer Releases, including Mild Mannered, and all things Beerbliotek.