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One hundred and fifty beers in three years, six beers at Systembolaget and other festval news – Weekly Update

We were very excited this last week when we packaged our 150th beer, which in turn means we have managed to brew a new beer every week since we started 3 years ago. Number 150 is a Barley Wine, that we actually brewed in 2015 but bottled in 2016, so we called it ”2016 is so 2015”.

It’s not going to appear on the shelves of Systembolaget anytime soon, so we think we’re going to pack it away in the brewery to age a bit. It’s good right now, after tasting it with the staff in the brewery this past week, but will definitely benefit from a few months/years of ageing.

Thank you for 2015, now lets kick-start 2016

Last Sunday we had a party down at our Kungsten Brewery for our customers, where we invited them to join us for food and beer. A way for us to say thank you for their support since we started, but especially for 2015. It was also a way for us to kick-start 2016 together, show them the new brewery and just say hi.

We had catering from our friends at ”What’s the Deli”, a great new sandwich shop down the road from the brewery. If you live in Gothenburg and looking for a good lunch place, or catering for an event, then get in touch with them via their website or follow them on Facebook.

But to you our loyal fans, who inspire us to brew better and better beer, thank you for your support, and the support you have shown to our customers.

We’re going to the Beavertown party on the 13th of February

When we say we, we actually mean Adam, as he’ll be making his way across with some beer to join the other 30 breweries for this big bash.

Set the date 13 of February aside and get yourself down to Beavertown, for what they’re calling their Beaver My Valentine party. It’s going to be awesome, hope to meet some new faces, and potential fans of Beerbliotek beer in the UK.

Follow them on Facebook or Twitter for more info.

Don’t forget to catch us at Nöjesguiden Beer Festival 29-30 January.

The beers we’re taking are Hip Hops, Black IPA, Bobek Citra and then three new beers, Eternal Darkness, an Imperial Stout which we’re also releasing to Systembolaget, ”I Lost my Cherry by the Salty Sea”, a Sour Cherry, Salt & Pepper Berliner, and then our collaboration with BrewFist called Sweason, a fruit Saison.

Read more on their website.

We now have 6 beers available for you to order at Systembolaget

On the 1st of February we will have 6 beers available at Systembolaget. They are all in the order assortment (beställningssortiment) and in those Systembolaget shops closest to the brewery. Below are some details about them… and we hope you like the two new ones Pilsner One-O-One and Eternal Darkness.

Pilsner One-O-One

This is our first attempt at a pilsner. We never attempted this style as homebrewers. It is generously hopped, and as with all of our beers, it is unfiltered and unpasteurisedAvailable 1 February.

Eternal Darkness

The winter nights in Sweden are long, dark and cold. We created this beer to keep you company through those hours of eternal darkness. Available 1 February.

Bobek Citra

For this Pale Ale we use Styrian Bobek Hops from Slovenia and Citra Hops from the US. This combines the gentle citrus tones of European noble hops with the more in your face aromas of US high alpha Hops. Order from Systembolaget.

Raspberry Wheat

We ferment this Pale Ale with a massive amount of Raspberries. With 30% Wheat in the malt bill, it has a slight sourness we think works nicely with the Raspberry aroma. Order from Systembolaget.

Hip Hops

Hip Hops contains a combination of what we consider to be the current “Hipster Hops”. A clean malt profile of Pale Malt and Carapils leaves a crisp clean finish, allowing the hops to really shine. Order from Systembolaget.

Black IPA

Cascade and Columbus Hops present fresh pine and citrus characteristics, combined with the coffee and liquorice tones from our blend of roasted malts. For us, it’s all the things a Black IPA should be. Order from Systembolaget.

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