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New beers and sunny weather please – Weekly Update

Collaborations are a very important part of our brewing philosophy and this week we released yet another collaboration with our friends at All In Brewing. For those of you that don’t know them, you can follow them on Facebook. They make great beer, are a great bunch of people, and to top it all off, they run the All In Beer Fest, here in our home town of Gothenburg.

The beer we brewed together this time is a standard American Pale Ale, just in time for summer. Hence the need for some sunny weather. As always when we get together, there’s a lot of monkey business going on, so coming up with a name for this beer was not difficult at all. Beer. Monkey. Beer.

Our first collaboration together was also a Pale Ale, but black. Like a Black IPA, just with a lower ABV on 4,9%. It was a single hop Mosaic, which we brewed about 3 years ago, when Mosaic was the hipster hop of choice. That’s where we derived the name from, ”Mosaic is the new Black Pale Ale”.

Collaboration number two with All In Brewing was a little different. A Strong Ale on 9,5% and one of the beers we have aged in too many ways to count. The original was done in two ways, clean, and also one in Bourbon Barrels. Both turned out great, and I mean now, after ageing for nearly three years.

A batch of the original, was also used to age in different ways. From Orange Peel, to French Oak, Bergamot, and so on. It was a treat to taste them all during one of our member’s club events.

During the week we also launched our 5th special Berliner. This time we added mangoes and peaches. It’s great in the sun I have to admit, but as always there’s never enough beer, nor sun to go around.

Whenever we have these Berliners at tastings, we always hear the same remark, ”This isn’t beer”. Well technically it is. It’s made with the same ingredients, it’s just that the brewing process is a little different. I’ve posted about this before, but I thought it would be good to explain again, as Berliners seem to be a beer style that is here to stay, especially during the summer months.

”Berliner Weisse (German: Berlin white) is a cloudy, sour, white beer of around 3% ABV. It is a regional variation on the white beer style from Northern Germany, dating back to at least the 16th century. It can be made from combinations of barley and wheat malt, with the stipulation that the malts are kilned at very low temperatures to minimise colour formation. The fermentation takes place with a mixture of yeast and lactic acid bacteria, a prerequisite that creates the lactic acid taste, a distinguishing feature of Berlin Weissbier. It’s this sourness that people seem to either love or hate.

But as history shows, it grows on you. By the late 19th century, Berliner Weisse was the most popular alcoholic drink in Berlin, with up to fifty breweries producing it. But as with all trends, they seem to die. By the late 20th century, there were only two breweries left in Berlin producing the beer.

[blockquote text=”I have two kids with my ginger so I’m sort of an expert in the subject. Normally I’m not much for the root but this mix really worked out. Mainly passion with some ginger building up with a hint of sour. I kept coming back to the @Beerbliotek berliners where this was my favorite. – beer.nerd-malmo (” show_quote_icon=”yes” width=”100″]

Below you can see all the illustrations for all five Berliners, in order of how they were released. My personal favourite is the last one ”Man goes crazy for Peaches”, just because the old man is actually my dad.

Only one of them has made it to Sytembolaget in Sweden, just because we think it’s such a great beer for summer. We’ve had some great feedback about it. Not that we think the others aren’t great, it’s just that they’re one-off batches.

A Passion for Gingers #143

Passion Fruit & Ginger Berliner

I Lost my Cherry by the Salty Sea #144

Salt, Pepper & Sour Cherry Berliner

What’s the difference between Marmalade & Jam #151

Raspberries & Mint Berliner

What’s better than Roses on your Piano #156

Hibiscus, Lavender and Elderflower Berliner

Man goes crazy for Peaches #161

Mango & Peach Berliner

For this week’s video, we’re showing the start of the canning process. The cans being filled with CO2, then beer, then tops. The beer in this case is Bobek Citra, our American Pale Ale.

If you’re in Stockholm next week, myself and Henrik, our Swedish Sales representative will have 5 of our newest beers on tap at Bishop’s Arms in Södermalm on Tuesday night. Come out and play.

That’s it from us for this week. We hope you’re having a great weekend.

Keep well.

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All in Beer Festival 4-5 November 2016

One of our favourite festivals is the All In Beer Fest. The reason? It’s just about beer.

We’ll be attending again this year, but if you’d like to attend, then there’s two ways to go about it. Buy a ticket, or enter our #FreshestCanInTheLand competition, where you stand the chance to win two entrance tickets.

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