More beers for our hometown Gothenburg, sharing beers at our Brewery Tap Room and Adam went to Ireland to brew a collaboration with Whiplash – Biweekly Brewery Update

Adam Norman, head brewer at Beerbliotek, brewing a collaboration with Whiplash, a craft brewery from Ireland

This past week we released two beers in our hometown of Gothenburg, there was the Pustervik IPA launch, Da Matteo turned ten, we shared some beers with friends at our Brewery Tap Room, and Adam was in Ireland brewing a collaboration with Whiplash.

What a launch. Thanks Pustervik.

Now you can get your can too.

For the past month we’ve been working none-stop on the launch of this beer. Well not really none-stop. It was a lot of work with the brewing, the painting, and then the label design, to create what we think is one of our finest collaborations for one of our favourite music venues.

The launch was great, with a lot of old and new faces coming by to say hi and taste the beer. As we mentioned last time, this beer was in a bottle, which doesn’t really make a lot of sense when people are dancing and drinking at the same time. That’s one of the reasons we moved it into a can. The other reasons are the usual ones, the can is better for the beer, cause it doesn’t allow in light or air, and cans are better for the environment, if you consider recycling and transport.

The main artwork now also has a new home in the venue, so that if the details on the can are a little small, you can always walk up to the main painting to have a better look. So go by and get yourself some Pustervik IPA when you have a chance. We even launched a single keg at our Brewery Tap Room this past weekend, just for kicks.

Hello Gothenburg

More fresh beer just for you.

Since the start, our friends from The Red Lion have bought our beer. They are our local pub, just a stones throw from the brewery. We have done multiple collaborations with them and in this past week, we released one more.

Now just to set the scene a little. The Red Lion, has a family relation working at another one of our favourite pubs, 2112. So when they want to collaborate, they usually do it together. In the past year, we brewed an IPA for them called ”Super Larsson Bros.”, followed by another called ”Super Larsson World”. Yes, their surname is Larsson.

This last collaboration is a little different, as they wanted to call it something different, or more fitting to each of their pubs. So still a very sessionable IPA, on 5,5% and available at both pubs as of this week.

Happy Birthday Da Matteo

10 years of great coffee.

If you know the story of Beerbliotek, then you might also know that it all started in a coffee shop. Coffee forms a great part of what connected us in the first place, so working with Da Matteo, one of the best Coffee Roasters in Gothenburg, was an easy choice.

They’ve been going a bit longer than we have, 10 years, vs our almost five, and we’ve always used their coffee, whenever we’ve added coffee to our beers. In the last year we also collaborated when we brewed their latest innovation, Nitro Coffee.

Two weeks ago we attended their 10th birthday celebration. It was great to see how Gothenburg has started to embrace craft. Not just beer, but anyone who chooses quality, passion and craftsmanship when talking about their products.

Some News.

Properly store beer you’re saving so it doesn’t go bad.

”Beer, just like most other food and drink products has a shelf life, as well as proper and improper way to store it. Where and how you choose to store your beer can make a huge difference in what it tastes like when you finally do crack that bottle or can open.

The quick answer to this question is you should either store your beer in the fridge, or in a cool, dark place like a closet or corner of your basement. The three enemies of beer are oxygen, heat, and light. In general, you want to keep your beer away from all three of these whenever possible.”

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Another collaboration heading your way.

This past week Adam Norman, a co-owner and one of our head brewers, headed over to Whiplash in Ireland.

Whiplash is the independent side project of brewer Alex Lawes. And in his own words, ”Utilising available fermentation space in his own workplace at Rye River Brewing Company or brewing with friends around Ireland and abroad – beers and planning are free and easy and done in a single batch brews. Packaging formats are chosen to suit each beer style, no style pigeon-holing or core ranges. Just beer for the sake of enjoying beer based on ideas, fresh available ingredients and seasonality.”

More on the beer later, but Rye Quad with Figs coming your way soon.

And finally.

Ten Card means ten beers.

This past weekend was a Brewery Tap Room weekend as well, and our new ten cards were available. The cards entitle you to ten beers at our Tap Room, and is valid for a year. Most people use it up in a single sitting, when sharing with friends. The next open weekend is 27-28 October. Doors open on the Friday at 5pm and on the Saturday 2pm.


That’s it from us for this week. Until next time.


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