Molly Hedenquist, our latest brewery helper.

Molly Hedenquist, a brewery intern at Beerbliotek, a Swedish Craft Beer Brewery in Gothenburg.

Our staff are the reason Beerbliotek is what it is. And what would a brewery be without its fair share of interns helping out from time to time?

Molly Hedenquist has been our brewery intern for the past 5 weeks. As we’re still in strange times, since the beginning of her studies in Brewing Technology at VBU in Ludvika (Sweden) the course has only been through online classes. So we’re both even more happy to have Molly step inside our brewery in person.

During her time with us she has been shadowing our brewer, getting guidance and getting answers to all her questions to help her to get settled into a brewery environment. Now, Molly has even designed and brewed her own recipe for the very first time! More details on that soon.

Molly realised brewing was the right thing for her when she discovered she could combine her love of chemistry with her interest in Craft Beer and get to experiment and be creative while producing beer – what’s not to love!

Hej Molly!

So, where did your interest in Craft Beer come from?

I’ve always felt that Craft Beer is made by people who REALLY know beer and it’s ingredients. It’s high risk, high reward. Creating new and exciting beers even though it’s not the most “safest”  business move. You get closest to “the action” and passion in a Craft Brewery.

How have you found your time on site?

This internship has exceeded my expectations. I didn’t know what to expect, and I was really nervous. It has been a challenge but I’m very happy and proud of everything I’ve learnt so far at Beerbliotek.

Do you have a favourite moment from your time here?

One of the best things I’ve gotten to do here has been to design and brew my own recipe and so far, I’m super happy with how the beer is coming along. Other than that, I really enjoyed testing and measuring the beers and tracking the process.

As part of the education process for interns at our brewery, we create the opportunity for them to design their own recipe and brew that beer on our small kit. This helps them gain valuable experience and knowledge before they head out into the world. Molly embraced this idea, and we had a lot of fun making it happen.

Is this the first time you’ve brewed your own beer?

Yes! Thankfully I’ve had guidance from the beerbliotek brewers to make my vision come true. 

Can you tell us about your beer?

It’s a Session IPA. I felt like this style would be perfect for the summer heat that is hopefully on its way (edit: it’s here!) and I enjoy thirst-quenching beers that are just as flavourful. 

The flavours and aromas I wanted were spiciness, citrus and earthy which Citra and Simcoe are known for. Jimmy, the lead brewer, also told me these hops work really well together and I trust him…(haha!).

I chose an IPA because even though I can’t say this is the most fun style of beer to create because I’m not there yet, I’ve always loved the tasty bitterness of an IPA. I suppose I’ve been influenced by my Dad as well, who basically made me an IPA lover.

We’re sad it was only a short time, but we know Molly will move on to greater things. And we’re all glad to hear she’ll be back to visit us at our Tap Room on the weekends!

Molly’s Session IPA, is part of our experimental brew project, where the creator gets to try out something new. Not all of the small experimental brews make it to the outside world, but we are happy to say this 8th beer from this project will be released at one of our most loved local pubs, The Red Lion.

Beerbliotek Experimental Brew Beer Release Session IPA

beerbliotek experimental brew Beer Release at The Red Lion.

  • Tuesday 22nd June 2021
  • Beer launch from 3PM
  • Opening hours 15:00 – 22:30
  • Bookings aren’t required, but you can book a table via the following here.

Keep a look out on our Facebook & Instagram for more details about Molly’s Session IPA beer launch.