Jimmy Nilsson, who only supports Football teams with striped shirts


This week we’re catching up with Jimmy Nilsson, who has been with us for a pretty long time. If his last name doesn’t give it away, Jimmy is one of the Swedes in our team, born in Mölndal and raised in Kungsbacka. He visited Gothenburg a lot, mainly for fun, good times and parties. Who can blame him? He made the move to Gothenburg in 2016/2017- ish. That is Jimmy’s favourite word by the way, “ish”.


He began his beer making journey at another Gothenburg Brewery, Ocean, for a couple of years, sold fish for a bit, before heading our way. Starting as a volunteer, he quickly became our bottling master before moving into his Brewery Assistant role. Now as Lead Brewer he’s guiding our brewery team and beer towards greater things.

Jimmy! What got you into Craft Beer? And what made you want to brew it?

I was watching an episode of Family Guy where Peter Griffin ran around naked in a brewery and I said to myself “I want to do that”.

So, have you done that?

No, not yet. But there is still time. Also, because of DogFish Head. They made a lot of different and interesting recipes. Their series of beer is a big inspiration.

We all know your love for football, is it safe to ask how your team is doing?

I support two teams, AC Milan from Italy as well as a local team here, IFK Gothenburg. Let’s say they are not doing too well at the moment, but I’m always supporting them.

How has the Craft Beer industry changed in your time in it? 

When I started there were only 2 Gothenburg breweries, Ocean and Dugges. Now Gothenburg is the place to be for Swedish Craft Beer, it’s evolving for the better.

Where do you think the Craft Beer industry is going?

Right now I still see many crazy beers out there, but the more classic brews are coming back again.

What is your favourite style of beer to brew? What are you hoping to brew?

Right now I enjoy brewing low ABV beers. I recently made a recipe for a Mild. I would like us to brew a Bock. Although we still have some Bock left from the last time we brewed one…

Before you get back to brewing, when you’re not dreaming about beer, what are you dreaming about?

It would be a dream come true if my football team started to play great again, as they once did, but that is just a dream.

If you’re in Sweden and want to try some of Jimmy’s brews, then Systembolaget is an easy way out. And listen to Jimmy while you’re drinking them.