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Vårt nuvarande urval av låga ABV -öl

Session IPA och Whoop Ass är våra två kärnöl och är tillgängliga året runt.

Vi brygger sedan nya och spännande öl för att komplettera dem, som är bristfälliga, så ta tag i dem när du kan.

#330  Li’l Hazy IPA

A hop forward and well balanced New England Session IPA, with a lower ABV of 3,5%. Fresh, Soft and juicy with a mix of tropical fruits, peaches, coconut and grapefruit.

#314 Every li’l thing

This low ABV American Pale Ale is deep-orange in colour, li’l in alcohol strength with a strong hop character. Big on the tropical, citrus, apricot and bready aroma with earthy, fruity and floral flavours and a hint of toffee for a hoppy-sweet finish.

#294 Make tiny changes to Earth

Time is infinite, but our time is not. While we’re alive, let’s make tiny changes to Earth. We’re always evolving at

#282 Li’l Pils

This is a little Pilsner. Our small take on a modern Lager. At 3,5% you could call it a Table Beer with a chewy mouthfeel and Czech and Slovenian hops.

#171 Whoop Ass

Ever feel like life is getting you down? Long, hard days at work, with no thanks from the man?! Well, maybe it’s time to open a can of Whoop Ass? Find more Sours at

#073 Session IPA

We mash this low ABV beer warmer than usual to retain the malt backbone. We then add a massive dry-hop to enhance the aroma and flavour, for a beer you can enjoy all day.

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ICA: s orderportal kommer att effektivisera hanteringen av lokalt producerade leveranser i ICA -butiker. Du hittar oss enkelt om du söker efter ‘Lokala Leverantörer i din A/B’. Alla leveranser sker med tre dagars ledtid för beställningar som görs före lunchtid. För gratis leverans är minsta beställning 4 lådor/ brickor.


Du kan alltid mejla oss Alla leveranser sker med tre dagars ledtid för beställningar som görs före lunchtid. För gratis leverans är minsta beställning 4 lådor/brickor.

Ur Produktion

Dessa öl produceras inte längre. Men du kanske fortfarande hittar några på en hylla någonstans i världen.

#232 I am everyday people

With so many big beers in our lineup, we attempted to brew a beer on the other end of the scale, that still has a full body, but equally, is refreshing. An everyday beer for everyday people.

#229 In times like these

#227 Mankini

This Sour Ale is inspired by the hottest Swedish summer of all time. We took inspiration from the tropics and added Mango, Peach, Pineapple and Apricot and dedicated it to the greatest Brazillian* bathing suit of all time. *some facts may be factually incorrect. There’s more fruity Sour Ales at

#178 Nah… just had some ice cream

In this Berliner, which is our eighth in this series, we mixed a blend of Blueberries, Lactose and Vanilla to create a a wonderfully colourful, semi-sour, low ABV beer. Perfect for winter, as it will remind you of summer, Find out more about this beer at

#169 Amber Alert

DON'T PANIC!! This beer is 3.4%, packed full of flavour and perfect for that relaxing moment you’ve been longing for.

#168 What’s better than eating a Mandarin?

For answers to riddles like this one and more, please have a look at the joke book on your uncle’s bookshelf or maybe just Ask Jeeves.

#156 What’s better than roses on your piano?

In this, our fourth Berliner, we added Hibiscus, Lavender and Elderflower for a floral tasting Berliner.

#151 What’s the difference between Marmalade and Jam?

In this, our third Berliner, we added Raspberries and Mint, for a strong aroma of Mint and a fresh fruity finish. For answers to questions such as the difference between marmalade & jam, you'll have to ask us at festivals.

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