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#372 Premium Pilsner – Gluten Free

German Pilsner, Gluten-free

Traditional, mellow and clean.

#376 Cherry Almond Pie Surprise

Cherry Almond Sour Ale

Cherry & almond Sour Ale Tangy, tart & refreshing

#381 Fawlty Sours

Berliner Weisse

Basil & Lemon Sour Ale Lively, Fresh and Smashingly Tasty

#374 Numbered Sneakers

West Coast IPA

Classic Centennial West Coast IPA Bright with a balanced bitterness.

#378 Storkovan

New England Double IPA

Robust, Citrusy and Deep

#359 No one knows us in Bilbao

West Coast IPA

Trendy, hoppy, crisp & refreshing.

#357 Life hack

Gluten free Citra Pale Ale

Crisp. Citrus. Clean.

#352 I like you because you are just the right height

Belgian Pale Ale

Traditional, malty, soft and creamy.

#349 Easy as 1, 2, 3

Fruited Sour Ale

Apples, blueberries and cinnamon.

#348 We make bangers, not anthems

New England IPA

Chewy, full-bodied & bang on.

#338 Before the tide comes in

Double IPA

Pale, tropical fruit & a touch of pine.

#337 Bier des Oktobers

Amber Lager

Malty, crisp & balanced.

#333 The past and the present and the future

New England IPA (NEIPA)

Tropical fruits & tangerine.

#332 Bock Lobster

Hell Bock

Full-bodied. Low bitterness. Mildly sweet.

#331 Saison


In this Saison you’ll identify fruit-like notes, ranging from lemon and tropical fruit to chamomile, as well as an array of spice-like phenolic driven aromas like pepper, clove, and coriander.

#327 Premium Pilsner

German Pilsner

Traditional, mellow and clean.

#326 To the nines

Barley Wine

Smooth. Rich. Dried fruit.

#324 Stocking filler


A deep, dark, warming Lager for winter. Brewed on Lager, Crystal, Chocolate and Black malt and seasoned with fresh aromatic hops. The result is roasted, chocolate and coffee flavours, balanced with citrus and pine.

#320 Hazy IPA

New England IPA (NEIPA)

Hop forward, fruity and tropical.

#307 Waiting for the tide to come in

Honey Baltic Porter

This Scandic Baltic Porter maintains the strong influences from our neighbours, East and West. A beer style that has always moved with the tides. Follow the tide in to

#264 Here comes the sun

Modern Pale Ale

A seasonal beer, brewed for Spring. We designed Here comes the sun as an ideal beer to welcome back brighter and sunnier days. A really good “lawn mower beer” that is easy-drinking and refreshing. The kind of beer you drink after working hard in the garden under the sun, or when it’s time to crack one open as you start up the grill.

#245 Easter bunny mansion

Dark Amber Ale

Malty, hoppy, balanced and smooth profile. Designed to fit perfectly on your table during Easter.

#223 Pils Pls

Pilsner - German

This is a Pilsner. Our take on the traditional Lager. A classic style with a contemporary twist, brewed with Hops from Germany and North America. Chill, sit back and pls enjoy this Pils. Say hi at

#181 A Moment of Clarity

Session IPA

Fresh, fruity & sessionable. Big Flavours.