Can you age beer and other fresh beer news – Weekly Update

There’s so many discussions and questions been going around lately, cans vs. bottles, Stout vs. Pilsner and so on, we decided to ask one more question. Can you age beer, and if so, for how long? Add your answers to the comments below, but tell us not just yes or no, but your experience with aged beer.

The bottle in the picture is our Brewers’ Edition Barleywine 2013, and was two and a half years old when we had it at The Red Lion.

Now that the canning line is installed it’s been really hectic down here at the brewery, especially this last week, as we again resumed brewing, as well as managing the canning and bottling line. So it feels like full speed ahead and more.

The beers in the header, are 5 beers we have released in the last year, that have really been not just been a pleasure to brew, but also to share with you. We’ve had some great responses about the Pilsner One-O-One as well as Eternal Darkness, which has been rating rather well on Ratebeer. Lovechild has not been released to the mass market yet, although we had it at the All In Beer Festival. Personally we have been very happy with it, besides having created it with two breweries we respect a lot, Brekeriet and Beavertown. Go Zest was well received in restaurants as it’s a great beer at 4,8%. In With the New has been on the market for exactly two weeks, and we’ve had some requests to send it to Systembolaget. Unfortunately it’s a Single Batch beer, which means the chances of brewing it again are rather slim, so get your hands on some before it’s too late.

We have some exciting news about a new beer getting into Systembolaget soon, but more on that a little later.

Have a great weekend.

Can you age beer?

Fel: Kontaktformulär hittades inte.

Introducing Nelson, one of two of our brewery dogs


Nelson belongs to Richard, who is from New Zealand, and yes you guessed it, Nelson.

Remember that Single Hop Mosaic IPA has been available to buy or order at Systembolaget from the 1st of March

Mosaic is one of our favourite Hop varieties, so we decided to show off its characters in this beer. Expect orange, marmalade and tropical fruit tones delivering a luscious IPA.

Although this beer is #120 in our beer list, it is now available at Systembolaget in a bottle. It will be replaced with the canned version later on this year, but we’re not sure when yet. Best is to watch this space.

Finding our beers at Systembolaget.


On our website, you can have a look at a map, where we feature the stores that will have our beers on their shelves. If you live in other parts of Sweden, then you can follow this link to order the beers directly from

Upcoming Festivals

Linköping Beer Expo 12 March 2016

Linköping Beer Expo has also been added to the list of festivals we will be attending this year. At the moment it looks like three of us will make our way to the festival. As to which beers we’ll bring, well it’s not been decided yet, so watch this space for more info.

For more information on the expo, have a look at their website, or get information on tickets here.

Växjö Beer Festival on the 9th of April

Actually Anders will again make his way to Växjö. Which beers he’s brining with him is still not clear, but there will definitely be one or two surprises.

For more information on the festival, have a look at their website.

Copenhagen Beer Celebration 13-14 May 2016

We’re happy to announce that we have been invited to this year’s Copenhagen Beer Celebration, held on the 13th and 14th of May. The beers we’re taking with us are still in the works and they will be announced closer to the time. So watch this space.

For more information, follow CBC on Facebook, or get hold of your tickets here, as there’s still some available for some sessions, then we’ll see you in Copenhagen.

Looking for low alcohol beers? Or as we say in Sweden Folköl.


On our website, you can have a look at a map, where you can see which stores, such as ICA & Hemköp already stock our beer. Below you can see the three beers we have in stock.

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