Brewers Beer Bar

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This week we had our first virtual catch up with our great friends, Brewers Beer Bar, who  have been one of our best customers over the years. It has always been a home away from home for Beerbliotek, and is one of the first places we ring when we have a new beer to release. Aside from that, it is also the most likely place to find Richard, propping up the bar and annoying the staff late on a Thursday evening, on one of his ”I’m just going for a quick beer after work” pub crawl. 

We chat about what Brewers is to us and them, the fun joint Tap Takeovers we’ve had, and of course Supporting your locals. 

Brewers Beer Bar first opened in Gothenburg on Tredje Långgatan in 2014, taking over the old Stearin Restaurant, which was both a great customer of Beerbliotek and one of the original old haunts where Beerbliotek was born.

Brewers is the brainchild of Pelle Frost and Victor Dahlberg of All In Brewing, who joined forces with Shayne Britt, one of the original Owners of Stearin. In 2017 Brewers expanded with the second bar, called Brewers Beer Bar Magasinsgatan, funnily enough on Magasinsgatan, which almost immediately became one of our favourite stops on a night out.

They have played host to multiple joint Tap Takeovers with friends from all over the world, including the one of the most memorable joint events with two of our best friends in the beer world, the infamous Alex Lawes and Alan Wolfe (pictured) of Whiplash Beer.

Both Brewers Bars were of course the first place we thought of to host our 7th Birthday earlier this year when we invited our friends Brewksi, North Brewing Co., Amager Bryghus, All In Brewing and Three Weavers to celebrate with us. 

We (virtually) asked Victor how things are going in these strange times.

Hej Victor, so how would you describe Brewers Beer Bar to someone who has never been? 

BBB is run by a group of people with a close connection both to Dugges Bryggeri and All In Brewing. Our main focus is Craft Beer and sourdough pizza with a splash of artisan kebabs and a lot of good times. Our bars always have 14 taps of Craft Beer that we rotate all the time. Our hope is that if you found a favorite beer when visiting us last week we won’t have it on tap this week so that we can find you another new favorite amongst all the amazing beers and craft breweries out there!

Who would you say is your typical customer? 

We have loads of different customers. Earlier on the days we usually have families eating pizza, a bit later in the day the beer nerds (we love them!) swing by to try the new stuff on tap and a bit later in the night we have a bit more of a party vibe going before people go out to the clubs… well at least that was how it was before the corona situation.

How do you curate your beer list?

BBB has 14 taps and in this segment our main focus is modern beer styles. Normally we will have between 5-7 hop driven beers, a couple of more traditional Lagers, a few dark or malty beers (preferably heavy and high ABV stuff), a few Sours (both traditional and modern styles) and something more traditional Belgian.

When it comes to cans and bottles, we have chosen to hardly have any hoppy beers in this segment (we prefer to have these beers fresh on tap) and focus more on Lambics and other Sours, Stouts, Belgian stuff and some more traditional European styles.

Since a few years back we have our own import license for the bars which has been a great step for us making it easier to source amazing and rare beers from our brewing friends around the world – to spice up the tap list even more.

In 2020, you started the project “Spotlight Gothenburg”. Can you tell us more about it?

Spotlight Gothenburg was born from the fact that we have so many amazing breweries here in Gothenburg.

Our goal with this ongoing project is to highlight a specific brewery during a month at both of our bars, and we give the brewery three taps per bar to showcase their beer. During the month we also give our guests the chance to sample all three Spotlight beers in smaller tasting glasses so that it’s possible to try all of the beers!

You can find out more about Brewers “Spotlight Gothenburg” project here.

When was the first time you heard about Beerbliotek?

We go way back! All In Brewing and Beerbliotek kind of grew up at the same time and we brewed collabs together early on. I also think that Mikael Dugge helped the Beerbliotek guys out a lot in the beginning. Yup, that is correct! At our big opening party for BBB Tredje Långgatan (May 30th 2014) we actually had a collaboration between Beerbliotek and Dugges on tap (Beer #41 Triple IPA). So yeah, I would say that we go way back in many ways.

What Beerbliotek beer can people find at BBB? 

Since we only work with rotating taps we rarely carry any specific beers during a longer time. But last week we had Follow Me Into The Dark on tap at BBB Tredje Långgatan and BBB Magasinsgatan has Single Hop Mosaic on tap right now. We also carry many of the lower ABV canned beers from Beerbliotek at both bars – Whoop Ass!, Session IPA, Li’l Pils and Make tiny changes to Earth.

How are you doing in these tough times? What changes have you made to adapt to the pandemic?

This second wave feels like it is hitting even harder than last time. Then we had summer coming and we were able to move most of our service outside which I think everyone preferred. Since we are not allowed to have any outdoor serving now it is a little bit more tricky.

We have a heavily reduced amount of tables with safe distances and we give our guests the chance to do all their ordering through our app system which reduces contact issues even more. This time around we are also doing some sweet deals on takeaway food and Folköl and we are just about to start a special deal on pizza if you visit us on Sundays, Mondays or Tuesdays.

How can people support you?

By swinging by and trying some amazing Craft Beers and a pizza (at safe distances from other guests) or to order takeaway.

Pelle, Victor and the amazing team at Brewers have a special place in our heart and we look forward to many more Tap Takeovers, parties and shenanigans when all this is said and done.

Thank you for supporting local, you’re not just doing a good job, but you also contribute to the beer culture developing and becoming stronger.