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Book of Records Oatmeal Stout gets a version with Hazelnut and Vanilla, while our Swedish customers can expect more of our beers at Systembolaget in December – Weekly Brewery Update

This week we packaged a version of Book of Records, with Hazelnut and Vanilla, we received our licence to open a Tap Room at our Kungssten Brewery, we packaged our collab with Cervisiam, and we’ve got more beer available at Systembolaget for our Swedish customers.

Pop Corn Hop Porn. Fresher than fresh.

Packaging days are usually also tasting days. For me anyways 🙂 I need to move through the brewery taking some photos, whilst also checking on the progress of the beers in progress, for marketing and sales purposes.

As I wrote last weekend, Pop Corn Hop Porn will be released soon, so during this past week we packaged it. It’s in a can for the first time, and the good news for our Swedish customers is that it will be released at Systembolaget during the first quarter of 2017. So stay tuned, we’ll let you know the exact date, as soon as we know. For now there’s news about other beers at Systembolaget further down.

Book of Records Hazelnut and Vanilla

On a personal note, I am enjoying low ABV Stouts at the moment. It must come from our summer trip to Scotland this year. Be that as it may, I was really happy that we finally decided to brew a Stout under 6,0%.

Our version is an Oat Meal Stout that we released two weeks ago, and it went so well, that we decided to brew a second batch, which doesn’t happen here all that often. We try to focus on single batch beers. But I was happy that it will be around a while longer.

[blockquote text=”In this chapter of our Oat Stout “Book of Records” we added Hazelnut, Vanilla and Coffee to round out the body. Why not try both and write your own adventure? ” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

What we also did, was move 900L from our 3 000L batch aside, and created a new version of Book of Records with Coffee, Hazelnut & Vanilla. We’ve already packaged it in kegs, but it will only come out in cans in two weeks time. We hope you’re one of the lucky ones who get to try it, and maybe even more so, get to try both version side-by-side.

That’s why it may be a good thing to join our Member’s Club, cause they get to try all kinds of exclusive beers. The next event is this coming Friday, just so you know 🙂

Not Guilty! The OJ IPA

This beer turned out a beauty. If I must say so myself. The brewer’s did a magic job with it, and I know I said I liked low ABV Stouts, but if I had to drink an IPA, then it would taste like this.

[blockquote text=”Us brewers love to keep up on current affairs. So when we saw the OJ verdict, we couldn’t believe it! This beer is for that poor guy, and all he’s been through…..” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

This is an IPA with Orange Peel, on 7,5%. I’ve been fortunate to have tasted this in all its forms, from wort, to fermenting, to finished fermenting, to pre-packaging from the tank, and finally the finished product in the can, so I was really intrigued at how it developed. The only form left is on tap, so I need to get out soon to try it.

Some more beers available to our Swedish customers at Systembolaget this December

In Sweden there’s on bottle store, and if you’d like to sell your beer directly to the public, so they can take it home, then this is your only choice. It’s a great store, as they have products from all over the world. As it stand right now, we have 9 beers available for our Swedish customers to buy or order to their closest store. It’s not even close to the more than 170 different beers we’ve brewed, but as a small craft brewery, it’s not worthwhile selling a 900L batch at Systembolaget, as it’ll be tough to get your hands on a bottle or a can in any case.

Last week we mentioned that one of our absolute favourite beers Mocha Latte Stout will be available at Systembolaget on the 1st of December. It will be available to order as individual cans to your closest store, or your home. We had a tasting of the latest batch this past week, and it’s very creamy indeed.

The other two ”New” beers aren’t really new, but we have made them available as individual products. In the past you were required to order a box of 24, but now you can order one of each to your local store or your home.

Both, Bobek Citra American Pale Ale, and Hip Hops IPA is in our core range, and we think being able to buy them as single products will give our Swedish customers all over Sweden the opportunity to try two of our favourite beers.

[blockquote text=”For this Pale Ale we use Styrian Bobek Hops from Slovenia and Citra Hops from the US. This combines the gentle citrus tones of European noble hops with the more in your face aromas of US high alpha Hops.” show_quote_icon=”yes”]
[button size=”medium” target=”_blank” hover_type=”default” font_style=”normal” font_weight=”700″ text_align=”center” text=”Order Bobek Citra” link=”″ color=”#ffffff” hover_color=”#4aa3c4″ background_color=”#4aa3c4″ hover_background_color=”#ffffff” border_color=”#4aa3c4″ hover_border_color=”#4aa3c4″ border_radius=”5″]
[blockquote text=”Hip Hops contains a combination of what we consider to be the current “Hipster Hops”. A clean malt profile of Pale Malt and Carapils leaves a crisp clean finish, allowing the hops to really shine.” show_quote_icon=”yes”]
[button size=”medium” target=”_blank” hover_type=”default” font_style=”normal” font_weight=”700″ text_align=”center” text=”Order Hip Hops” link=”″ color=”#ffffff” hover_color=”#81d742″ background_color=”#81d742″ hover_background_color=”#ffffff” border_color=”#81d742″ hover_border_color=”#81d742″ border_radius=”5″]

And finally

This last week we got approval to open a Tap Room at our Kungssten Brewery. In the past, all events and functions, have been held at our first brewery at Sockerbruket. So I’ve been spending the past week working on some wall murals, which as you can understand can take time. We’re simply calling it Beerbliotek Tap Room, so you’ll start seeing the hashtag #beerbliotektaproom showing up more often.

We’re looking to open soon, and a date and time will be released tomorrow, so stay tuned.

And just an update on our latest new beer, ”Some men just want to see the world burn”, which will be released on the 20th of January, just when the new US president is sworn in. I was with Adam, one of our head brewers, today, and we tasted two versions of it, one where they added Chilli and one where they added Cocoa. They will be blended later, and they still need some time, but they’re lovely. Oh yes, it’s a Stout. We’ll keep you up to date on the progress, as it’s still a while off.

That’s it from this week’s update, we hope you enjoyed the catchup.

Keep well, until next week.



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Finding our beers in Sweden


Have a look at our Systembolaget page, where you’ll find a map that features the stores that have our beers on their shelves. If you live in other parts of Sweden, then you can follow this link to order the beers directly from to your closest store or your front door 🙂

Folköl (Low ABV Beers)

Visit our Folköl page if you’d like to find out which Stores & Supermarkets, such as ICA & Hemköp stock our low ABV or “folköl” across Sweden.

Getting hold of our beers Internationally

At the moment we export our beer to 13 countries. Of course Europe is close, but our first shipment has just arrived in New Zealand. Some countries have exclusivity contract, whilst others do not.

If you’d like to distribute our beer in your country, then please get in touch, and we can send you a price list, and discuss samples, etc.

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