Bobek Citra Pale Ale – Batch 08

Sometimes as a Craft Brewery things do not go exactly according to plan! Unfortunately we have had a little feedback regarding a batch of our Bobek Citra Pale Ale (Batch 8 expiry date 5th Feb 2016).

We believe it is important to be honest with our customers and ourselves and in this case we have to acknowledge that this batch is not up to the standard that we hold ourselves. If you have had a bottle from this batch and are not happy, you can return your beer to Systembolaget.

We do wish, however that there was another way we could make this up to you, but unfortunately we cannot supply you with replacement beer as Swedish law does not allow for it.

Tracking if this was the entire batch or just a few bottles is important to us, so if you have had one of these bottles from batch 8, and your experience was positive or negative, please email us at