Tap Room

October. Beerbliotek Monthly Tap Room Roundup

Busy nights, weekly rotating beer menus, two beer releases, revisiting old recipes and some new guidelines. Things are slowly but surely getting back to normal at our Brewery Tap Room.



Weekly beer menu.

Each week our beers are selected at its finest from our Brewery Beer Library for our Tap Room Beer Fridge.

You can always find our latest releases, one-off batches, barrel aged beers and collaborations with our friends from all over the world.

Something for everyone

We brew different kinds of beer.

As a brewery, we’re always aiming to build and develop various recipes for different styles of beer.

Our weekly Tap Room Beer Menu selection is no different. With at least 15 different beers to choose from, on tap and in our colourful cans, there is always something for everyone, so you won’t be disappointed.

Beer Releases

Two new beers at our Brewery Tap Room.

We always aim to launch our beers at our Brewery Tap Room. During October we launched two. We celebrated the launch of  #290 Follow me into the dark, a 5,6% Porter, along with a selection of our Dark & Strong beers to keep everyone feeling cosy during the Autumn chilly nights. We also welcomed our new Imperial Red IPA, #291 Back to the middle and ‘round again, a new favourite of pretty much everyone employed at our brewery, this cooler weather brew welcomes you with its majestic red colour.

Revisiting Recipes

Digging into our beer archives.

Our brewing philosophy is to build an ever expanding beer library. This means we get to dig into our beer archives and revisit recipes we remember fondly.

We began the first Weekend of October by launching the return of beer #120 Single Hop Mosaic at our Brewery Tap Room. We always make sure you can find our latest releases here, so we selected the freshest kegs of this hoppy beer to pour from our taps for its re-release. We brewed this beer for the first time on 11 Jun 2015, and as a fact aside it was the first beer to roll off our canning line.


Available for tastings & takeaway.

We always have our current Folköl range available at our Brewery Tap Room. Each folköl is available as a single tasting or for takeaway. You can pick up your choice of folköl (3,5%) 6 packs or singles from our Tap Room. We have Mixed Packs available.


Opening Times

Current Tap Room opening hours.

Our Brewery Tap Room is open every Saturday 2-9PM. No bookings required. Keep an eye out on Google Maps and Facebook  for updated Opening Times.

Rules & Regulations

Guidelines to keep you safe.

We made some changes to our Tap Room to keep our customers and staff safe, while practicing social distancing during these strange times. We expanded into our Brewery warehouse to make plenty of space, brought in new tables and benches each with Weekly Beer Menus and some other things to make it that little bit more comfortable.

We are dog friendly

We love dogs.

Did you know that our Brewery Tap Room is dog-friendly?

We welcome all dogs with open arms and encourage you to bring them, so you don’t need to leave your faithful friends at home whilst enjoying a beer out. This month we had a very special beer in our fridge, #270 Cookie. This Stout is named after Cookie, one of our two brewery dogs, who sadly is no longer with us. Her demanding cuddles & friendly yelps will be missed.

Gift Cards

Give the gift of beer,

We now have Gift Cards available for our Brewery Tap Room. One Gift Card costs 350kr for a 10 beer tasting card which can be redeemed during Public Tap Room hours. Gift Cards are valid for one year. You can purchase Gift Cards on site at our Brewery Tap Room or get in touch at taproom@beerbliotek.com.


Food in the Tap Room.

Currently we do not have our own kitchen, so you are welcome to bring your own food, or order takeaway. We have small snacks available.

Looking forward

Beer Launch

More new beer.

Next month we will be launching a new Beer Release at our Tap Room. It is a surprise for now, so keep a look out for upcoming news on our Facebook and Instagram.

Last but not least

Thank you.

A big thanks to everyone who has joined us at our Brewery Tap Room over the last few months.

We enjoy sharing our beers with you and exchanging stories, we love seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones, and all in all having a good time at our Tap Room with you. Cheers to many more busy weekends at our Brewery Tap Room!

That’s it from us for this month, until next time.

See you at the Tap Room.

Beerbliotek Tap Room in the Brewery Warehouse