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Beer Release #312 Sällskapsdryck – American Pale Ale

A marketing can packshot of Sällskapsdryck- an American Pale Ale, brewed in Gothenburg, by Swedish Craft Brewery Beerbliotek.

A drink to enjoy in the company of others, as Systembolaget would say.

The beer of choice if you are looking for an easy-drinking, straightforward, crisp, thirst-quencher. A beer best served at 8-10°C while relaxing in the company of old friends. Clean, simple, full of citrus and stone fruit flavours with hints of grass notes and a soft yet pronounced bitterness. 

This is the third beer in our homebrand series where we challenged our brewers with a two word brief, and where design does not take centre stage, but the beer itself.

ABV 5.5%

Style American Pale Ale