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Beer Release #301. Single Hop Idaho 7- IPA.

A marketing can packshot of Single Hop idaho 7, an IPA, brewed in Gothenburg, by Swedish Craft Brewery Beerbliotek.

We’re over 300 different beers and recipes, with Single Hop Idaho 7 being number #301, and our 7th Single Hop IPA.

On our journey experimenting with beer styles and different hops, we brewed this Single Hop Idaho 7 IPA to better understand one of our brewers’ current favourite hop varieties.

Known for its triple-use profile encompassing bittering, flavour and aroma, Idaho 7 brings punchy high fruit aromas and peachy characteristics. These aromas mirror the flavours of big, bold hop notes that are full of dank, stone fruit and melon. The result is a full bodied and fruity, complex, balanced and luscious IPA.

On our journey to experiment with ingredients and challenge ourselves as a brewery, we have brewed 61 different IPAs, which include American, West Coast, New England, White, International, Brut & Milkshake IPAs and the base malt ingredients range from Malted Barley, Wheat, Oats, Rye, Spelt & Maize/Corn.

We have brewed 6 Single Hop IPAs, using the following hops, Citra, Galaxy, Jester, Belma, Mosaic & Idaho 7. Always picking a currently popular hop, such as Idaho 7, which is one of our brewer’s favourite hop varieties.  

Text on the label.

Idaho 7 is one of our favourite Hop varieties, so we decided to show off its peachy characters in this beer. Full bodied and fruity, this is a luscious IPA.

Style IPA

ABV 6,5%