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Amber Alert joins our other low ABV beers, along with three new cans that join our current range – Weekly Brewery Update

Another week has come and gone, and this week has not been less busy than any of the others. The one thing we’ve been happy with is that all our new cans have been approved by the Swedish recycling monopoly, Returpack. So you can expect some new photos of new cans soon, but for now, there’s the three new ones out in the next two weeks.

Canning some very fresh Session IPA

This past week we filled up our storage with some fresh cans of Session IPA. We mash it warmer than usual to retain the malt backbone. We then hop it with loads of Citra and Motueka to give aroma and flavour to a beer you can enjoy all day.

This beer is on 3,5% so we can sell it directly from the brewery as well as to supermarkets. Swedish law dictates that all beer over 3,5% may only be sold by the state owned alcohol monopoly, Systembolaget, which is one reason why the market for low ABV beers has become so popular.

Amber Alert is a new low ABV beer available now

While we’re on the subject of low ABV (Alcohol by volume) beers, or as we call them in Sweden, Folköl, we have a new one out next week that will join our other two Session IPA and Sockerbruket Saison. It’s an Amber Ale, called Amber Alert and is on 3,4%. This week was spent packaging and labelling it, and I’m actually enjoying one right now as I write 🙂

[blockquote text=”DON’T PANIC!! This beer is 3.4%, packed full of flavour and perfect for that relaxing moment you’ve been longing for. ” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

Amber Ale is a term used in Australia, France and North America for Pale Ales brewed with a proportion of amber malt and sometimes crystal malt to produce an amber color generally ranging from light copper to light brown.

Although it is low ABV, it is packed full of flavour and perfect for that relaxing moment you’ve been longing for. It will be available in the usual stores in Sweden shortly, so keep an eye on our Folköl page.

More beer in cans anyone?

As we’ve been saying in the last few months, we’re going to be adding more beer into cans. We’re not stopping bottles, just more cans, and not just IPAs and Pales Ales, but also Stouts and Double IPAs. Currently we have four beers in cans, a low ABV Session IPA, a Pale Ale in Bobek Citra, and two IPAs Hip Hops and Single Hop Mosaic.

The first three additional beers we’re adding is a double IPA Passion Fruit of the Loins and two stouts Mocha Latte Stout and a Barrel Aged version of Eternal Darkness.

Three more have already been planned, a Peach version of Bobek Citra and an Apricot version of Single Hop Mosaic. More on that, and our next Berliner next week.

Eternal Darkness Imperial Stout Barrel Aged cans out soon

Eternal Darkness is our Imperial Stout, which we’ve had in our core range for a while now. We also sell it at Systembolaget, the Swedish Alcohol monopoly.

Over and above the standard beer, we have done three additional versions of this beer. Two smaller batches, one with Coconut and Oak and one with Chilli and Cocoa. They were released a year ago, and we then decided to do one more version. A barrel aged version in Bourbon casks.

[blockquote text=”The winter nights in Sweden may be long, dark and cold, but we’ve aged this beer in Bourbon barrels for even longer, to keep you company through those nights of eternal darkness.” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

The difference is too that it will be available in cans, as opposed to bottles, like the regular version. They’re being labelled soon, so they will be released within the next two weeks.

Tasting them side by side has been a treat.

Mocha Latte Stout is back in production

Mocha Latte Stout is number 44 in our list of beers. We’re currently on 172 different beers brewed since the start three and a half years ago, so 44 was in year one. We’ve always received great feedback on this beer, and we’ve even done a few different versions since the start. #21 was Imperial Mocha Stout, then #44 Mocha Latte Stout, followed by #77 Imperial Mocha Latte Stout. Our favourite however is #44, the one we brewed now, and will start selling next week in cans, and kegs.

[blockquote text=”Mocha Latte Stout, a combination of everything we love in Stouts, Coffee and Chocolate! This one is not Vegan, but its delicious, and creamy!” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

We do have some more good news, in that this beer will become part of our standard assortment or core range. And for those living in Sweden, that find it hard to get hold of our beer, it is going to be available in Systembolaget, so you can order it to your closest store or directly to your house.

Three of our beers are on debut at the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival

This year we’ll also be showcased at the Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival for the first time. Well won’t actually have our own stand, but three of our beers will be available at our Swedish Distributor Brewery International. The beers available are Bobek CitraHip Hops and Single Hop Mosaic.

Two other stands will also have our beer available., who focusses on beers at Systembolaget will have the same three beers, but in cans, and Bobek Citra will be available on tap at the stand of Bishops Arms.

That is it from us for this week, which was very busy indeed. To add some more good news, we’re currently busy with some renovating at our Kungssten Brewery, busy building our Brewpub. We’ve always had events at our first brewery down at Sockerbruket, but the time has come to open our new, bigger brewery to the public for events. The plan is to be open on the weekends for tastings, but more information on that next week, along with some photos, just to get everyone excited.

Have a great week, and keep well until next week.


Getting hold of our beers Internationally

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Upcoming Festivals

All in Beer Festival 4-5 November 2016

One of our favourite festivals is the All In Beer Fest. The reason? It’s just about beer.

We’ll be attending again this year, but if you’d like to attend, then there’s two ways to go about it. Buy a ticket, or enter our #FreshestCanInTheLand competition, where you stand the chance to win two entrance tickets.

Finding our beers in Sweden


Have a look at our Systembolaget page, where you’ll find a map that features the stores that have our beers on their shelves. If you live in other parts of Sweden, then you can follow this link to order the beers directly from to your closest store.

Folköl (Low ABV Beers)

Visit our Folköl page if you’d like to find out which Stores & Supermarkets, such as ICA & Hemköp stock our low ABV or “folköl” across Sweden.

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