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A Book of Records, an aged Wheat Wine, five low ABV beers and a thanks to everyone for going All In – Weekly Brewery Update

Great times last weekend at the All In festival, and some more new beers out this week. What more can you ask for in life?

Book of Records is a new Oat Stout out next week

[blockquote text=”Lets get one thing straight, no one here thinks this beer is ever going to break any records! But it will be added to our recipe book, number #173 in our Beerbliotek.” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

Here in Sweden it’s getting dark. Which means it’s time for dark beer. The usual beers out in the market is high alcohol. We have two dark beers out right now, Eternal Darkness, which as the name suggests is perfect for now, and then we also brought back Mocha Latte Stout into our core range.

As IPAs go, Black IPAs are as black as they get

Our Black IPA, with Cascade and Columbus hops, has the number 07 on the label. That means it’s our seventh beer we brewed. Currently we’re on number 171, which means it’s been with us since the start. As IPAs goes, Black IPAs are a tough sell. Our Black IPA is the highest rated Black IPA in Sweden, yet it’s difficult to sell.

During tastings, we always have this one available, and always get a positive responses. It seems that it’s a difficult beer for consumers to take off the shelf, because there’s so much uncertainty. If you like IPAs, you tend not to like dark beers?

Black IPAs are an interesting beer style. It’s got all the hoppy aromas of IPAs along with all the roasted malt flavours of some Stouts. That’s why we decided to brew a Black IPA with one of Sweden’s best brewers right now, Olle, from O|O Brewing, who is best known for his success in brewing the Gothenburg Beer Week IPA from 2016.

Last weekend we launched it at the All In Beer Fest, and it sold out very quickly indeed. It’s been released during the week so look out for it at your favourite pub.

The following article in Ferment, makes for some interesting reading about Black IPAs. If you know someone that don’t love this style, then be sure to send them this article.

Aged Wheat Wine

During our Beer Maker’s Brunch at Tapasbaren, we took out our aged Wheat Wine. Number 76, at 9,1%. It was brewed at the end of 2014, so it has been aged for about two years. In short, it was great. Like you can expect with some wine, they’re wild when they’re young. Same with beer that can be aged. Usually they’r higher in alcohol, sweeter, but as they age, they become mellow, and a bit more complex, as all the flavours and aromas start to settle.

This one was bottled in 220ml bottles, so that you can actually drink one by yourself. Not that we ever have… we think. We’re looking to release some more of them soon, so be on the lookout 🙂

Our Wheat Wine is similar to a Barley Wine, but made predominantly with Wheat. Here’s some history on Barley Wine, if you didn’t know the style.

[blockquote text=”The first beer to be marketed as barley wine was Bass No. 1 Ale, around 1870. The Anchor Brewing Company introduced the style to the United States in 1976 with its Old Foghorn Barleywine Style Ale. Old Foghorn was styled as barleywine (one word) out of fear that occurrence of the word wine on a beer label would displease regulators.” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

Mocha Latte Stout is in production again

Mocha Latte Stout is our 44th beer. It’s always rated really well, which was a good reason to bring it back to the fold.

[blockquote text=”Mocha Latte Stout, a combination of everything we love in Stouts, Coffee and Chocolate! This one is not Vegan, but it’s delicious, and creamy!” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

Our core range has just improved with this beer. It’s perfect for these dark winter nights we’re facing. In Sweden we added it to our range available at the state owned liquor store. The release date is December 1.

New Low ABV beers (Folköl) available

In the past month we added three new low ABV (Alcohol by Volume) beers to our current range. Suffice to say they are selling really well. Spoke to Sally, our Sales guy, today, and Whoop Ass and What’s better than eating a Mandarin is nearly sold out. Whoop Ass is our collab with All In Brewing and What’s better than eating a Mandarin is part of our Berliner range.

For the first time we put one in a can, as well as brew it at 3,5%, instead of the usual 3,8%. The difference is significant here in Sweden, where you’re not allowed to sell beer over 3,5% directly to consumers, which is why we decided on 3,5%, so we can sell it directly from the brewery.

If you live in Sweden, have a look at our Folköl page to see where you can get hold of these beers.

Meet up with Adam, one of our head brewers in London

Adam, one of our head brewers, is heading to London. He’ll be spending one night, December 6, at We Brought Beer. Get your name on the list now, so you don’t miss out. He’s bringing some new beers with him.

More beers to order form Systembolaget for our Swedish fans

We’re not going to get into how complicated Sweden is with selling directly to consumers. It is just what it is. That’s why we try and get as much beer out via Systembolaget, the state owned liquor store, as possible. Obviously we cannot get all of them out, just to much paperwork. But we try 🙂

Two of our most popular beers, Hip Hops and Bobek Citra, are back into the local assortment. In Sweden, that means you can order them one at a time to your local store, or directly to your house for delivery as of December 1.

[blockquote text=”Bobek Citra – For this Pale Ale we use Styrian Bobek Hops from Slovenia and Citra Hops from the US. This combines the gentle citrus tones of European noble hops with the more in your face aromas of US high alpha Hops.” show_quote_icon=”yes”]
[blockquote text=”Hip Hops – Hip Hops contains a combination of what we consider to be the current “Hipster Hops”. A clean malt profile of Pale Malt and Carapils leaves a crisp clean finish, allowing the hops to really shine.” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

Again we’d like to say thank you to everyone who came by to say hi last weekend during the All In Beer Fest. We released some new beers and got some great feedback. We enjoyed ourselves. It was a great festival.

That’s it from us for this week.


Until next week, keep well.

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Getting hold of our beers Internationally

Finding our beers in Sweden


Have a look at our Systembolaget page, where you’ll find a map that features the stores that have our beers on their shelves. If you live in other parts of Sweden, then you can follow this link to order the beers directly from to your closest store.

Folköl (Low ABV Beers)

Visit our Folköl page if you’d like to find out which Stores & Supermarkets, such as ICA & Hemköp stock our low ABV or “folköl” across Sweden.

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